Because of the travel restrictions and lockdowns across Europe, few internationals applied for volunteering in Flørli summer 2020. Those that did, had to cancel (all but one).

Deniss, the cook from Latvia was finally able to make it at the beginning of june, shortly thereafter joined by Maria from Spain who does the cleaning. There was so much uncertainty: would guests come, would restrictions make it impossible to operate profitably, would corona break out in Flørli?

Well, turned out we had the busiest june and july every! We were being run down by Norwegian guests and Danes. Many friends and local volunteers helped out. That was such a relief! We had lots of fun together and kept the wheels going. Extra employees were needed, but weren’t easy to find on short notice. So we were pretty overworked when it finally calmed down in the beginning of august.

The season ended as abruptly as it began. Weekdays in august and september were again very quiet. This is normally when we get many foreign guests and groups.

All in all, very happy we managed so well this summer, but much looking forward to a normal year again with happy foreign guests and volunteers!