The Fosshike is finished!

So a couple of weeks ago now, we finished the Fosshike! We are Hessel with volunteer Andreas. It was fun to do, but even better to get it over with. It’s been a huge project – completing it almost feels unreal. Check out the video’s in the slider.

Hope now is that many people will hike it this summer and have an awesome experience of raw nature!

It’s spring in Flørli now!

Finally, the grass has turned green, snow on the mountains is melting and birds are singing. Now that restrictions are lifiting, I meet a lot of Corona-tired Norwegians who just want to escape and enjoy Flørli. Often they come with their own boats, sometimes with the ferry as well. Most snow in the Flørli Stairs has melted and with a little care, you can walk to the top. But up higher in the Frafjordheiane Highland Nature Reserve, it is still winter. I had a great three day backcountry skiing adventure in the greatest weather – slept underneath the stars without a tent. Life is smiling a lot these days and there is hope of a reasonably busy summer in Flørli. I know for sure many want to come, the question still is if they may and if we will be allowed and able to offer them our café services and accommodation.