Preparing arrival

20th May – another trip to Flørli to prepare for the summer!

A couple of days earlier I was there to show the café to some people who consider running it. Then there was a Belgian insurance company there for an event – those who made it to the top of the stairs got a little surprise, namely the helicopter bringing them back down.

When I now came, the fjord was all calm and the ride in was awesome. See the video! Nobody was there in the village, apart from some kayakers and a herd of sheep. Sound of the river, gentle breeze on the fjord and an eagle overhead. Spent that afternoon and yesterday cleaning the four apartments – lots of dead flies and dust after a long winter. Now all looks spick and span! The food and other necessities are in place and I brought some of the equipment we’re going to use. The whole car was packed full, yet I probably need another two rides before everything is there. Looking forward to see you soon!