Stay in Flørli

Enriching volunteering experience – dynamic workplace – fantastic location!

Hi! Would you like to stay a week or two and help out in Flørli? That would be greatly appreciated! Flørli is a beautiful, far-away hamlet on the Lysefjord where I (Hessel Haker) run a hostel and café together with Deniss “the cook” Maslovs and other seasonal employees. We have a short, but intense summer season with many guests coming to us. In the months before and after, we use our time to maintain the buildings and landscape in the village.

During the main-season june to august there are a couple of paid staff helping in the hostel and the café. We need extra hands on stand-bye and to help out with daily tasks in the hostel and café. From january to may and in september we need handy helpers to prepare for the season and wrap up after. Also creative geniuses are most welcome to help with digital content, marketing and making Flørli a prettier place!

We only need one or two volunteers at any time, so you might be the only volunteer coming. There is us as well of course, the guests and usually a couple of friends around. So come join our little team and let’s work together in good spirits!

Tasks are diverse and vary a bit according to when in the season you’d like to join. Until may, we do mostly maintenance and building, whereas in the main tourist season there are a lot of cleaning, dishes, serving food, helping guests and daily chores to be done. Volunteers work about 8 hours per day in the pre-season, about 6 hours per day if you come in the main-season. We’ll do our utmost to keep you happy and doing the tasks you are comfortable with. The pace is pretty relaxed and we have our meals together.

In the evening, there is time for you to get out on the fjord in a canoe, do some fishing, explore a mountain top or read a book with a fjord view. We’ll have a look at the weather and the calendar and find a couple of days that you can be free and explore the area. The 4444 stairs in Flørli are a must-see and usually volunteers also like to paddle kayak or see the Kjerag when they are here. Please be aware that we will generally not have time to join you on these adventures, but you may find other hostel guests that will.

Flørli is a sociable and inviting place! Are you an enthousiastic and active person who loves new challenges? Are you open-minded and sociable as well? Are you intent on doing a good job? Then we hope you are enthousiastic about coming!

Check out the opportunities here and sign up please!

Volunteering is also work. Know what you’re signing up for: you need to like physical jobs and get dirt under your nails! Of course, we’ll do our best that you have a great time with us here and can look back on a good volunteering experience!

In short:

Help at Flørli 4444;
Minimum age 18 years;
Maximum stay two weeks;
Food and accommodation free;
Be part of a nice team;
Diverse tasks – great learning;

Schengen-zone residents only can apply or those who can easily get a tourist visum without our assistance.

This is where you’re staying!

Volunteers stay in a shared apartment together with the cook and seasonal staff. This apartment has three bedrooms, a livingroom with great fjord view, a kitchen, toilet and shower. You will share a single-gender room where there is a bunkbed with one of the staff or another volunteer. If the apartment is full or if you prefer so, you can also stay in your own private room in Hessel’s house.

Here are some pictures from the apartment – red building, in the top story. It’s the old school building of Flørli!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to volunteer?
Volunteering is free of charge, but you need to cover your travel costs to and from Flørli. This includes costs for visas, a health or travel insurance and costs of “luxuries” you may want to afford yourself when staying here (like alcohol, tobacco and travel expenses on your free days if you want to discover the area.)

What do you offer volunteers?
Volunteers stay for free and have basic food included during their stay. Flørli is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Fjord Norway. You get to be part of our team and get a unique insight “back-stage”. We want you to feel good about helping out and will do our best that you enjoy staying here!

How many hours of work per day?
The short answer to that is, as many as you want! We do not force anyone if they don’t want to work more. We suggest about 8 hours of leisurely work in the pre-season and post-season and 6 hours of more intense action in the main-season. But we make a working schedule you are comfortable with in consultation together.

How many days off?
We suggest you take two days off per full week. This is negociable. Many volunteers also like to take the morning or afternoon off every now and then instead of full days. Tell us what you want when you get here.

What food do I get?
There are three meals per day. Breakfast and lunch are in Norwegian style: homemade bread with large choice of spreads, cereals and milk, sometimes a soup or hot porridge. Flørli has a restaurant and we serve whatever fits the kitchen best. We eat a lot of seafood, vegetarian and occasionally meat. Tasty, but simple. Some of the ingredients are ecological, but much of it comes from regular industrial agriculture. It’s not easy for us to consider vegans, as much of the food is vegetarian and contains dairy. If you are a vegan, please let us know and we will try to sort something out.

Who else is there when I come?
Here you can see who else is volunteering when you come. Mostly, we only host one volunteer at a time. Much of winter, only Hessel lives in Flørli – but I’m pretty easy-going so don’t worry about that! During spring and summer, the cook is here as well and in the main-season a couple of seasonal employees. Friends often visit and help out as well and then there are our many hostel guests of course. You’ll find that there’s always people around in Flørli!

What can I do in my free time?
Flørli is an outdoorsy place and a great vantage point for hiking, kayaking and wilderness adventures. We have all the equipment you may need for that and will set you up! Have a look at this too.

Where will I live?
In a shared single gender room or a single room when available. Livingroom and bath will be shared with others. The house where you will be staying is right next to the fjord and has a great view! See also the infobox on this page.

Are volunteers insured?
Volunteers are insured for serious accidents when on the job in Flørli – this insurance covers the basics. You are not insured during your free time though. In case of urgent medical needs, you will be treated no matter what in a Norwegian hospital. It’s only after, that they will try to recover costs through an insurance if you have one. To make sure all medical needs are covered though, you need a basic health insurance and / or a travel insurance that covers extended medical costs abroad, other losses and repatriation.

I have special needs, is that ok?
Please let us know if you have issues with sharing accommodation, certain kinds of food, religious needs, allergies, handicaps or other special needs. Then we can try to find a solution that fits you!

How do I get to Flørli?
As Norway is large, it’s easiest to fly to Stavanger, then come to us with public transport. Read how to get to Flørli from Stavanger. If you don’t want to fly, check the FjordLine ferry from Hirtshals to Stavanger or buy an affordable train ticket from Oslo to Stavanger.

Can I cancel my stay?
Yes of course. However, please don’t cancel within a month of arrival as we’re counting on you!

What is the application procedure?
Just contact us and let us know when you’d like to come and what you’d like to do. We will answer and you can look into travel schedules. Once you’ve sorted your arrival out and confirm, you’ll be added to the list of participants and we’re looking forward to see you here!