To do in Flørli in your free time

On your free days and in the evenings, you can discover Flørli and the Lysefjord! In Flørli, you should hike the Flørli Stairs with 4444 steps right up the mountain – the longest wooden stairway in the world! From the top at 740 metres above the fjord, you will enjoy an awesome view. The Flørli Cliffhike is something you can do on an afternoon or evening – a short, but spectacular hike up a crest, see the video below.

We also have kayaks and canoes that you can borrow to discover the fjord! If you have no previous experience, you’ll have to stay close to Flørli, but it is very beautiful just here and you have a good chance of seeing seals! If you’re into fishing, we have all the equipment for you – good chances you’ll catch us dinner 🙂

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Presentation Flørli Cliffhike