Who came in 2015

We have received replies from all over Europe and even beyond! So, we hope to be able to gather a nice international crowd! In order for you to make an informed choice, we publish some general details about the other confirmed participants.

Once you have booked, it is of course still allowed to change dates or cancel, however we ask you do so at least a a month before your stay as is it difficult to find substitutes on short notice.

Old Bookings GR201501, Friday 29th mai – Friday 5th june (full)

FirstnameNationalitySexeYear of birthProfession / other
Your team leader:
Hessel Haker
NetherlandsM1977Manager of Flørli 4.444 Café and Hostel. Hobbies: going wild in the mountains!
BethUnited KingdomF1995Zoology and Conservation
AnnaGermanyF1991Student Journalism and Media Management
KiraUnited KingdomF1996Student of film. Horseriding, enjoys hiking, singing and playing guitar.
OliverUnited KingdomM1996Gaming , skateboarding, biking
MartaPolandF1996high school student/ drawing, speaking Swedish (basic phrases)/ interested in biotechnology, creating DIY interior design, travelling, mountain lover
PrasadGermany / IndiaM1985Engineer/Mountain and race biking/Marathoner/Hiking Cooking NGO Volunteer
KrisztinaHungaryF1985Bachelor in economics , joga,multilingual, organic agriculture
RaktimGermany / IndiaM1989Student/cooking,guitar/hiking,traveling

Old Bookings GR201502, Friday 12th june – Friday 19th june

Reference nrNationalitySexeYear of birthProfession / other
Your team leader:
Hessel Haker
NetherlandsM1977Manager of Flørli 4.444. Hobbies: going wild in the mountains!
EwaPolandF1990English language teacher and translator; Special skills: mountain guide; Hobbies: travelling, trekking, photography, music
SnehaUnited KingdomF1987Digital Marketeer
PawelPolandM1989Graduate in Finance/ love swimming and cinema
available place!
BenjaminUnited KingdomM1996Studying at music college. Hobbies: football, travelling, volunteering and generally anything outdoors.
DariaCzech RepublicF1993Marketing communications in Prague. Student/Art, traveling, learning languages
BenUnited KingdomM1983Travel writer. Sabbatical.
available place!

Old Bookings GR201503, Friday 26th june – Friday 3rd july

Reference nrNationalitySexeYear of birthProfession / other
Your team leader:
Alexander Mathes
GermanyM1972Stagebuilder and project manager expositions
ValentinaFinlandF1985profession: marketing, social worker, Irish dance teacher. skills: communication, languages, coaching. hobbies: dance, biology, reading.
JuliaPolandF1995student; interested in biology, travelling, healthy lifestyle, reading
SukhiGermany/IndiaM1987Experienced Hiker, PhD, DJ, Computer Programmer
BritaGermanyF1972Journalist and dog coach
available spot
SarahUnited KingdomF1951Retired
CatherineUnited KingdomF1953Worked in social work

Old Bookings IND201504, Friday 3rd july - Friday 24th july

Reference nrNationalitySexeYear of birthProfession/hobbiesFrom -to date
JoannaPolandF1994student of Telecommunication and Computer Science/ hobbies: mountains of course! sports, especially running and open air music festivals3rd july - 12th july
BlankaPolandF1994Informatics; like long walks, reading, creating stories and talking with people; interested a little bit in history of art;3rd july - 12th july
Merel-LotteNetherlandsF1994student farmacy assistent, good swimmer, horseriding, speaking Norwegian10th july - 23rd july
JakubCzech RepublicM1992traveling, a lot of experiences from different countries and work10th july - 19th july
AnnaCzech RepublicF199210th july - 19th july
OlatzSpainF1991Student. I adore traveling and the seventh art.17th july - 24th july

Old Bookings IND201505, 7th april - 29th may / 24th august - 2nd october

Reference nrNationalitySexeYear of birthFrom - to dateProfession/hobbies
SietskeDutchF198527th april - 8th mayMathematics teacher
RobinDutchM19971st-10th mayHigh School
LindeDutchF19891st-11th mayGap Year student, Amateur photographer, avid, active traveler and booklover
AnnaGermanyF199118th - 29th mayStudent Journalism and Media Management
AlekseyRussiaM198318th - 29th mayprogrammer, music publisher / cinema, music, travelling, bike riding
RaquelSpainF199020th - 29th mayMedicine, literature, hiking, dancing.
BethUnited KingdomF198024th august - 7th septemberRegistered Nurse, music, cooking, social activities, walking, good communication skills
MaximeFranceM198631st august - 11th septemberLove nature, especially forests
AkshitaGermanyF19938th-15th septemberMaster student, Nanobiophysics, Singing, Bollywood dancing, Eternal Love for people, animals, nature. Always eager to explore.
CiprianUnited KingdomM19957th-14th septemberEngineering student, hiking, survivalism
MaximGermanyM19918th-15th septemberMaster Student TU Dresden/ odd-job man / handyman / hiking / reading / having fun
SharathGermanyM19898th-15th septemberMaster student in TUD, Germany/ Presentation skills, Cricket and badminton player/ Reading books, travelling

Old Bookings IND201506, 19th june - 24th august

Reference nrNationalitySexeYear of birthFrom - to dateHobbies/profession
RaquelSpainF1990??Medicine, literature, hiking, dancing.
DanaUnited StatesF19785th-12th juneenglish teacher
EwaPolandF199019th-25th juneEnglish language teacher and translator; Special skills: mountain guide; Hobbies: travelling, trekking, photography, music
available!24th june - 5th july
TaniaUnited KingdomM19931st july - 15th julystudying
Mechanical Engineering at the University Of Brighton
JakubCzech Republic M199219th july - 24th julytraveling, a lot of experiences from different countries and work
AnnaCzech Republic F199219th july - 24th july
LuisSpainM199310th-24th julyhistory degree student/ hard worker/ experienced in envioremental volunteering/ rugby and football
CarolinaSpainF199512th-19th julyLaw student (year 2). My hobbies are writting, horse riding, painting, playing guitar and photography.
RobertoSpainM199310th-24th julyswimming
AdamDutchM199710th-24th julyI am in good condition and love nature and hiking.
TawanNorwayM198823rd july - 29th julyMaster student in offshore technology /project management, electronics/ love cooking
OlatzSpainF199124th july - 3rd augustStudent. I adore traveling and the seventh art.
MariaSpainF199428th july - 10th augustStudent of Civil Engineer. I like hiking, travel and the new adventures
Balázs HungaryM19923rd - 10th august
PetraHungary / DenmarkF19923rd - 10th augustBsc in Business Administration, travelling, volunteering, yoga, hiking
MiguelSpainM199410th-24th augustArchitecture student
IvaCzech RepublicF199210th - 18th augustindependent and always happy student of International Relations who loves meeting new people, travelling and hiking
AivarasLithuaniaM199517th-24th augustGeography student / Team player, loyal, hard-working/ Active lifstyle
EmaSlovakiaF199520th - 27th augustVery active student of Economics, worked in caffees,now in real estates company.I adore Scandinavia,tourism,running,dancing,reading books..and life!:)

Old Bookings IND201507, Sunday 21st june - Sunday 5th july

NameNationalityYear of birthFrom - to date
NicoleCanada199222nd-29th june