Now live from Flørli

Hi you all! Group 1 has now been in Flørli and it was just great! Such a nice group of people – a lovely mixture that somehow fitted well together. The weather was fantastic and we woke up to sun every day. Working on the power-hall came along well and we started painting by the end of the week. Arvid has now taken over as the team leader of group 2 and apparently, they are almost done painting this huge building.

Despite our zeal and working enthousiasm, we have also been enjoying long, sunny evenings on the shore of the fjord. Fishing, going out with the boat, grilling or simply relaxing and reading a book. On our free days, we were hiking up the 4.444 stairs that Flørli is so well known for. Up there, nothing reminds of the world below – crystal clear lakes, the last snow (sledding!) and far views from the mountain tops. We also had a trip to the famous Kjerag – a 1000m big wall towering over the Lysefjord.