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Welcome to Flørli!

Welcome to Flørli!

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My name is Hessel Haker (1977) and I am your host. I grew up in the Netherlands and after my studies of Forestry and Nature Conservation, I decided to do something practical in nature-based tourism! I moved to the Setesdal valley in southern Norway in 2007 and had a place called Brokkestøylen – a café, camping and activity centre now operated by the Brokke Skisenter.

In 2011 I moved to Ryfylke to work for the destination company and tourist information service Destination Ryfylke. This is how I got to know Flørli. The property manager Lysefjorden Utvikling needed help to maintain the many historic houses and the hydropower station that was no longer in use. Together we organised a conservation project with volunteers from all over the world. Groups of volunteers came and did heaps of good work. In just a few years, Flørli got a real facelift!

In spring 2015, I was asked to take over the café and hostel in Flørli and have had the pleasure to build up Flørli as a tourist destination. I started an adventure tourism company called Flørli 4444 and have a contract with Lysefjorden Utvikling. It’s been an amazing adventure so far! In summer, we’re now a team with cook and several seasonal employees. Volunteers are still much appreciated for maintenance and upgrades before the season, as extra hands in the café and hostel and for wrapping up in september. Hope you want to join us!


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