Getting to Flørli

Flørli is only accessible by ferry. Coming from Stavanger: take the Kolumbus ferry from Fiskepirterminalen in the city centre directly to Flørli – it goes every monday, wednesday and friday at 13:00. All other days: take busses to Lauvvik quay or Forsand quay, then the ferry from there to Flørli.

Easiest way to and from Flørli:

1: From Stavanger Airport Sola to Fiskepirterminalen in Stavanger city centre with the airport shuttle Flybussen. It departs every 30 minutes and takes 20 minutes.

2: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 13:00 direct Kolumbus ferry leaving from the Fiskepirterminal in the city
centre. The Kolumbus ferry goes back to Stavanger every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:35, arriving at the Fiskepirterminal at 9:00.

Tips to save: buy your tickets a cheaper online on and Take the local Kolumbus bus instead of the Flybussen from the airport: take Kolumbus bus nr 42 from the airport to Tanangerhavn, then change to bus nr 2 to Stavanger Byterminal.

Little bit harder way to and from Flørli – version 1:

If you can’t make the Kolumbus ferry from Stavanger, go via the city of Sandnes, then travel to Lauvvik quay. Here is how: from the Stavanger Airport Sola take the airport shuttle Flybussen or the Kolumbus bus nr 42 to Sandnes (not the one to Stavanger!).

From Sandnes Rutebilstasjon (central bus station), take bus nr 47 to Lauvvik quay. From Lauvvik there are two ferry companies with which you can go directly to Flørli: Kolumbus or TheFjords, see details below.

Little bit harder way to and from Flørli – version 2:

To Stavanger Byterminalen (central bus station), then bus nr 100 to Solbakk Terminal. Change to bus nr 120 to Forsand quay. If you can’t make these schedules work, contact the shuttle service Pelles Reiser (Tor Kjell Idsø) tel +47 97526609 / +47 98059117.

Ferries to Flørli:

Kolumbus (MS Lysefjord, a fast ferry, takes 10 cars): read schedule / book online or call +47 916 52 800. Passengers can buy tickets on board, but we recommend both passengers and drivers to reserve a place. Season: all year

TheFjords AS (MF Aukra, a large ferry with sightseeing, takes 40 cars): read schedulebook online or call +47 57 63 14 00. Passengers buy tickets on board, but we recommend to reserve for car. Season: june until middle of september