How corona is affecting Flørli

now Hessel is all alone in Flørli. I’ve been alone more or less since Emma left back to Australia 9th march. Andreas a Norwegian volunteer came to help out a few days with the waterfall path. Other then that, I’ve been in Flørli working alone as if the rest of the world would not exist. Haven’t talked to a living soul for weeks now. Every now and then a boat passes my window, but they’re quick to disappear again: Norway has shut down. It’s crazy.

So for now, I still have the freezers full with leftovers from last summer. Life here goes on as it always does: I’m preparing for the season. Now what this summer will bring it very uncertain: will volunteers and guests be allowed to come? Will foreign staff (the cook from Latvia and hostel worker from Spain) be allowed to come? Will there be a lot of Corona restrictions on horeca work?

We’ll just have to keep the good faith and plan for another busy and nice summer in Flørli!