In short: private initiative by Hessel Haker to organise help in the development of Flørli as a tourist destination as well as for other small tourism businesses. The work in Flørli is sponsored by Lysefjorden Utvikling AS

The project was initiated in the spring of 2014 by Lysefjorden Utvikling AS, a company jointly owned by the municipalities of Ryfylke and Stavanger as well as the Rogaland county administration. Lysefjorden Utvikling is charged with stimulating sustainable tourism in the Lysefjord area and sought a way of improving the touristic infrastructure in the hamlet of Flørli on the Lysefjord.

Hessel HakerI, Hessel Haker (1977) organised the groups of volunteers to paint the historic hydropower hall in Flørli, do maintenance works on the apartments and on the old school building. The project was a great succes, for us as well as for the volunteers! Now, I still organise volunteering for Lysefjorden Utvikling AS as well as for some other small tourism businesses in the Lysefjord who need helping hands. These pay me for arranging this and that is why it is free for volunteers to take part.

The participating organisations have their own people to act as hosts and work-leaders. Those coming to Flørli this summer will have me join – I’m looking forward to that! Read more about Flørli on the Lysefjord: www.florli.no

You can contact me at hessel@volunteeringnorway.no, facebook.com/hessel.haker and telephone 0047 902 65 133.