About the region Ryfylke

Ryfylke is the great backcountry just across the fjord of Stavanger. It stretches almost 200km from the famous Lysefjord in the south to the wintersports centre of Sauda and the region Hardanger in the north. Ryfylke is well-known for its great diversity of landscapes – with idyllic towns and hamlets scattered across the shores of isles and fjords, towering cliffs and deep fjords as well as extended highlands with some remains of true wilderness.

Did you know that:
Ryfylke has over 3.444km2 of protected highlands
More than 250 cruise ships visit Stavanger each year
The Lysefjord receives over 500.000 visitors annually
Stavanger Trekking Association has 35 huts and 1.200km paths

Many visitors book a sightseeing cruise on the Lysefjord where one of the attractions is the Preikestolen, also called Pulpit Rock in english because it hovers like a preachers’ pulpit 600m almost vertically over the water. The view from up there is amazing and more than 250.000 people make the two hour hike up each year! When you’re lucky and get a clear view, you can see the cliffs of the Kjerag further into the fjord. The Kjerag is the beloved exit for base jumpers from all over the world. It is a very popular 3 hour hike. Standing on top of the 1000m big wall is an unreal experience. Moreover, daredevils choose to jump onto the Kjeragbolten, a large boulder wedged in a crevice over the abyss.

Closeby Stavanger, the Ryfylke archipelago is a sailors’ paradise with hundreds of islands and skerries, lovely towns and lively harbours. The region also attracts a lot of fishermen seeking their fortunes in the clear deep waters of the fjords. Even if you don’t have a boat or even a car, this island paradise is quite accessible with regular ferries and fast boats from Stavanger and the Ryfylke towns. We suggest you bring a bike on your island-hopping trip!

The north of Ryfylke is higher and even more rugged – a mecca for adventurers and those looking for the authentic Norwegian heritage. If you choose to drive along National Tourist Route Ryfylke, you will see some great places! We suggest you drive the mountain passes to get a feel for the highlands – you might just decide to stay for a while and spend the night in a cosy mountain cabin of the Stavanger Trekking Association!