Welcome to Volunteering in Fjord Norway!

Hello! So nice you’re interested in volunteering in Norway!

Through this website, you can read up on volunteering in Flørli. Flørli is a roadless, historic village on the Lysefjord in southern Norway.

In summer, we run a hostel and café here and we need helpers to prepare for the season, do maintenance works, help out with groups and when there are many guests. We hope you like it and want to come! To apply, please fill out the contact form.

Winter in Flørli

We're having a great winter! It's been cold a long time now and sunny every day! Time goes by so quickly with the many projects we're working on. It's Hessel, Maren and Joe currently in Flørli and occasionally we get some visitors as well. Maren and Hessel are working on a project researching the history of Flørli. She's a journalist. It's a huge project where we go through all written records...

Summer with limitations

Because of the travel restrictions and lockdowns across Europe, few internationals applied for volunteering in Flørli summer 2020. Those that did, had to cancel (all but one). Deniss, the cook from Latvia was finally able to make it at the beginning of june, shortly thereafter joined by Maria from Spain who does the cleaning. There was so much uncertainty: would guests come, would...

Spring in Flørli

The Fosshike is finished! So a couple of weeks ago now, we finished the Fosshike! We are Hessel with volunteer Andreas. It was fun to do, but even better to get it over with. It's been a huge project - completing it almost feels unreal. Check out the video's in the slider. Hope now is that many people will hike it this summer and have an awesome experience of raw nature! It's spring...

Corona and Flørli

How corona is affecting Flørli now Hessel is all alone in Flørli. I've been alone more or less since Emma left back to Australia 9th march. Andreas a Norwegian volunteer came to help out a few days with the waterfall path. Other then that, I've been in Flørli working alone as if the rest of the world would not exist. Haven't talked to a living soul for weeks now. Every now and then a...

More on the waterfall hike

It's a daunting task, but nearing completion! Many volunteers have helped in the process. Recently Andreas came and helped for a couple of days. Now, Hessel is back to doing things alone as there are currently no volunteers. It's good fitness to run up and down that mountain! The top of the hike is 350 metres above fjord level. We had forgotten to fly up enough wooden poles to secure...

New project: Jordkjeller

We're still working on that neverending waterfall hike - more on that later! But meanwhile on raindydays, we have been making a new room in an old, disused "bunker" next to the School Pub. It was all full of sand and rubbish before. No electricity, rotten door, no oven, dark and damp. Now look: it's become cosy in there! Helping out were: Arno, Emma and Hessel. Maria took part at the...

Flørli 4444 is an adventure tourism company centrally located in the Lysefjord, southern Norway. We offer accommodation, food and activities every summer.

The company is owned and managed by Hessel Haker since 2015. Deniss Maslovs is our experienced chef and restaurant manager. In summer, there are two other staff in the hostel and café as well. We’re a lively bunch full of inspiration and positive energy!

Flørli is a village with an interesting history. We try to preserve and show its rich heritage through the services and hospitality we provide. Here you can expect the simple luxury of life, true and honest in its very core. Flørli is a place that we hope will touch your soul.

In short:

  • Diverse tasks in idyllic setting
  • Maintenance, building, painting
  • Cleaning and Hostel help
  • Explore the fjord in your free time
  • You can stay max two weeks – so you don’t get bored 🙂
  • We strive to take good care of you!

It’s here in the Lysefjord:

Flørli can only be reached by ferry. Read how to get here

Flørli Presentation Video