You can now join for 2017!

Hi you all!!! I have updated the site now for coming summer. We need dedicated, kind volunteers to help us in Flørli. Hope you want to join us! We need: handy people, people with green hands, hostel helpers, café helpers and media geeks. So if you are interested in this, read on and fill out the contact form.

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13 thoughts on “Volunteering 2017

  • Alba Morgade

    Hi! I see the vancacies are fully booked but would love to be on a waiting list if that’s possible. Please bear me in mind if this chance comes. Thank you!

  • Kristina BERKUT

    my name is Kristina and I would like to apply for this volunteer programme even if I know that it’s all completed, but maybe (big big hope) it will be free one place for me or may be that it will be a new recruitment for the program an another time. 
    I’m Russian but actually I live in Paris and l’m doing my studies in cross-cultural communication. Since my childhood, I’ve been in love with nature because I grew up in Siberia with the stunning natural resources. My house had a big garden, where my grandmother, sister and I were growing fruits and vegetables, flowers. Living in a such house taught me carpentry.
    I love to travel to wildlife places, for example, when I was at Lake Baikal in Russia, I realized the importance of the development of tourism in places like that, where large-scale construction is quite difficult, so I am very interested in your project and I dream to take part in it: to give my little help in the development of this project of turism. Or I can be useful for any individual project in tourism and use my multicultural competence.
    And of course I’d like to learn something new for me and maybe make something like that in Russia. watched video of your program and I was really impressed by nature, by your activities and this style of life, it’s so inspiring place!
    I work hard, I’ve been doing a marathon, I like hiking.
    I hope to get this amazing opportunity to participate in your project (I’ll be free from late July to November). Thank you!

  • CHONG Jong Hoa


    My name is Jong. I am currently a saleman at Uniqlo in Paris. I submitted my resignation letter, and therefore has a month’s notice. I’m looking for some vacations and Norway is a place that I always wanted to visit. The idea of working and living together, that’s the reason why I would like to join you. It gives me the opportunity to voyage and meet the locals. I’m a very sociable. I love above all exchange and communicate, either with the customer or with the team. I lived more than 7 years in Singapore and had travel some parts of the world already. I love to learn new things get to know the culture. I love the wildlife experience. Being able to participate in your project, it makes me part of something important in my life. I’ll be available from 28/08/2016 to 04/09/2016 and from 09/09/2016 until further notice.


  • Roza Podlaski

    Hello I am very interested in doing volunteer work. I am an avid hiker and have always wanted to see Norway, the country of my nationality.

  • Blerina Mera

    my name is Blerina. I would like to apply for this volunteer programme even if I see the vacancies are fully booked. I would love to be in the waiting if that’s possible. I have never been in Norway and it will be very important for me to start voluntary work there. Please to bear me in mind. Thank you!

  • Myvin

    Hi, My name is myvin, I live in Nairobi, Kenya, I like nature biking, County breeze, I would like to participate in thos volunteer programe, I would also like to join so as to engage cross culturally

  • Thomas

    Hi im Thomas,I spent the last 6 months in Pavia attending classes in Biology.But I guess it’s not for me so i decided to take a semester in norway to mountain citizenship(since i’m italian-norwegian) and learn norwegian.Is it this the right volunteer program for me.thusand takk Thomas

  • Dana Housch

    Hi Hessel,

    I’d love to come join you again. My time frames are from July to August this year, so just let me know when you need people 🙂


  • Paschal Daniel Minja

    Am Paschal from Tanzania in East Africa, i would like to volunteer in your organization. i will be glad to hear from you.

  • Romy Schut

    Good afternoon!

    I have visited your site and am truly enthousiastic about it! My name is Romy and I have just finished my high school education in the Netherlands. This makes me 18 years old. I have got some experience with being a waitress. I was wondering if there are still some places available for the near future? I am free from the 18th of July until the end of August.

    Kind regards,



    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please i am Ghanaian Muslim and i just want to join your volunteer program to volunteer in
    any field any position as a foreign volunteer from Ghana.
    Kindly try as much as possible to accept my application.hope to hear from you soon

    Thank you

  • Nayive Carrillo Garzón

    I am Nayive Carrillo from Colombia, I am very interested in doing or volunteering in Norway, with you. Thank you for allowing me to receive more information.